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Black Bart International

"High grade construction materials and colors! Better movement, easier skirting more vivid colors than ever before. No question the best that are on the market today!"


RJ Boyle

"Blue Ocean skirts are by far the best skirts on the market. We were really looking for a skirt that was pliable and not stiff and this is the product for us. Most of the skirts sold in our store are used for lure fishing and these skirts allow for the lure head to do its job without being bogged down by weight and lack of flexibility. Lastly, you cannot beat the color selection. You can't go wrong with a Blue Ocean skirt"

RJ Boyle Logo

Connley Fishing

Connley Fishing logo

"We have been in the Lure business for many years now and we use Blue Ocean exclusively for all of our Lure skirt needs. Always very professional and we can always count on a top-quality product, exactly what we demand.  These guys are the best in the business! Thank You for producing an outstanding product!"

Tsutomu Lures

“Great company to work with! In Hawaii our customers are very particular about skirt color and performance.  BOM goes the extra mile to make custom colors that meet the high standards our customers have. I highly recommended them”

Tsutomu Lures logo
J&M Tackle Logo

J&M Tackle

“The best skirts in the business and backed with great service!"

Crane Lures

"Blue Ocean manufacturing has been the sole provider of skirts for Crane lures since day one. The consistency and quality of their product is far above the rest. They’ve accommodated color options and designs to create product no one else makes. Their service level is top notch from the time an order is placed, to packing and shipping to your door! Thank you all at Blue Ocean Manufacturing for making my job as a lure maker that much easier! You will continue and always have my business!"

Crane Lures logo
Pacific Rim Fishing logo

Pacific Rim Fishing

"Durable, high quality and easy to skirt with! The team at Blue Ocean Manufacturing really takes the time to cater to our store's specific needs"

Coggins Lures

"I have been dealing with Blue Ocean for the past 5 plus years. The quality of skirts they make for me is by far one of the best around. The customer service that I receive from Charlie is beyond my expectation. He will try and get your order out to you soon as possible. If there is any delay in your order, he will inform you of any delay and not leave you wondering where your order is. You have a loyal customer as long as I make lures. And I won’t be retiring anytime soon."

Coggins Lures.jpg

Bomboy Designs

Bomboy Llanes

"As a professional Capt., Lure maker, and Taxidermist, I use nothing but the best. Blue Ocean MFG is the best in the business their skirt selection is great, and the durability of the skirt is Super strong.  I’ve been using them for over 10 years. I have personally been to the factory numerous times. Bill & Charlie are the best in the business. They can customize any color skirt you want. The staff at BOM are top notch and very knowledgeable. All top lure makers around the world uses BOM skirts. All my customers around the world like those skirts and have been catching and winning tournaments"

Marea Alta

"Blue Ocean Manufacturing has been a perfect ally and partner for our business. As an online lure shop, quality reputation is incredibly important for our customers, and BOM is as good as it gets. Their extensive catalog has allowed us to provide endless mix-and-match possibilities. Without a doubt, carrying BOM skirts has been a crucial part of our sales growth and customer satisfaction!"

Marea Alta Logo

GZ Lures

GZ Lures logo

"We've been using, selling, and promoting Blue Ocean skirts for five years now. Our customers have said nothing but great things about the quality of their skirts, which is our personal opinion as well. The customer service Charlie from Blue Ocean has provided us has surpassed expectations from the start with great communication. Not to mention they are made in the USA, which is something we are proud to support as a US based company."

Salt H2O

"Blue Ocean Manufacturing has great products and provides amazing customer service"

Salt H2O Tackle logo
Palmetto lures logo

Palmetto Lures

"It is a pleasure to work with Charlie and Blue Ocean Manufacturing. Being a smaller lure maker, I greatly appreciate their professionalism, their customer service and for making me feel my business is important. I have been very pleased with the overall quality of the skirts, their impressive color selection and their receptiveness for customization. Thank you for making a great product and exceptional service."

Aletta Lures

"Very happy to be part of the BOM family, always the best quality that makes them unique and different from any other brand on the market! Top-Notch products and service."

aletta lures logo
DTF Lures

DTF Lures

"Charlie has always strived to help us over the years with our demands (in these tough times) to produce some quality unique custom combos that complement our heads perfectly down here in NZ!"

POP Hawaii

"BOM skirts made and designed in the USA have been a great addition for POP's skirt wall. They offer a diverse selection of color combinations from around the Pacific Ocean and are designed to take a fish hit!" 

Pop hawaii logo
javas lures logo

Javas Lures

"Being a lure maker from Hawaii. Blue Ocean Manufacturing has the quality products that I need to give my lures that final touch in a wide range of color options and sizes to make my lures shine!"

Grand Slam Tackle

“I’ve been in the tackle business for close to 30 years!  I’ve dealt with many skirt manufacturers over that time and without a doubt, Blue Ocean has the finest skirts on the market.  The color schemes keep our lure selection looking fresh, and the quality is outstanding.  Some skirts are too thick, some are too weak causing them to rip, others become sticky over time.  Blue Ocean is simply the best!”

Grand Slam Tackle logo
Fisherman's Outfitter

Fisherman's Outfitters

“Great American made product that holds up and more importantly, CATCHES FISH! Great for building spreader bars and daisy chains, colors hold up well and are vibrant.”

BFD Big Game Lures

"I've worked with Blue Ocean for years. BFD wouldn't be where it is today without the help and product these guys have supplied through thick and thin. They've helped me design and offer my own unique skirts since I started business and have never failed to help me achieve whatever baitfish, squid, or custom look I'm after. They're completely honest and upfront about pricing, lead times and expectations, without fail."

BFD Big Game Lures.jpg
Nockdown Lures_edited.jpg

Nockdown Lures

"Blue Ocean has always been there when I needed help/info and was always nice getting ahold of someone via text, call, or email and talking to a real person. They have given great advice over the last several years. Their product has always been what I wanted with detailed colors."

GT Lures

"Awesome skirts and even better service! Who can beat that!!!"

GT Lures_edited.jpg
Palm Beach Lures.jpg

Palm Beach Lures

"Extremely pleased with the skirts we receive from Blue Ocean Manufacturing.  The quality and consistency is always spot on. They're always professional, courteous and deliver in a timely fashion."

Catchy Tackle

" Our company Catchy Tackle has been going to Blue Ocean Manufacturing for many years and we are extremely satisfied with their customer service and products. Blue Ocean has always delivered on time for our company and with such professionalism. Charlie and his team have been great when it comes to communication and responding in a timely manner. We have been using their Octopus skirts for many years and our customers seem to be happy with the quality it brings to our fishing lures. I highly recommend Blue Ocean Manufacturing to others. Thank you Charlie from the CatchyTackle Team. "

Catchy Tackle.jpg
Habanero Custom.jpg

Habanero Custom Baits

“A lot of time goes into crafting a handmade lure.   We choose to use only the best skirts for our lures.  Blue Ocean Manufacturing provides skirts with the most vibrant colors on the market that are proven to attract fish and get that bite.”

Sea Vixen Tackle

"Sea Vixen Tackle has been using Blue Ocean Manufacturing Skirts since our inception in 2016. In our opinion they produce the highest quality skirt made in the USA. Our lure heads are all infused with UV and the fact that Blue Ocean’s skirts are also available with UV makes it a win-win situation. We worked closely with Blue Ocean to develop the proprietary bodies for our Flying Fish Lures, our best seller. Bottom line, you get what you pay for with Blue Ocean Manufacturing."

Sea Vixen Tackle_edited.jpg
Magic Lure Enterprises.jpg

Magic Lure Enterprises

"Aloha!  I have been in the lure business from the early 70s.  I have been dealing with Charlie and Bill for 9 years now.  Their skirt quality, selection and pricing is Excellent.  Their turnaround time is very Good.  Thank you BOM Team."

Pinas Bay Tackle - FM Lures

"Since I started making lures, I have tried a lot of skirts manufacturers until I found Cousin Tackle and now BLUE OCEAN MANUFACTURING. Definitely this is the best of the best. Excellent materials, very easy for skirting, very light skirts which represents better lure movement."

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